Course Curriculum

Here's a peek at what you'll learn in this online course

  • 1
    Introduction to Shooting in Manual
    • Introduction to this Course
    • Introduction to this Course : Lesson Follow Along Download
    • Introduction to Shooting in Manual Manual PDF
  • 2
    Looking at ISO: the foundation for good exposure
    • What is ISO?
    • ISO : Lesson Follow Along Download
    • ISO PDF
  • 3
    Aperture / F-Stops
  • 4
    Shutter Speeds
    • What is Shutter Speed?
    • Shutter Speed : Lesson Follow Along Download
    • Shutter Speed PDF
  • 5
    Metering Mode: How Your Camera Talks to You
    • What is Metering? Part 1
    • What is Metering? Part 2
    • Metering : Lesson Follow Along Download
    • Metering PDF
  • 6
    Shooting Checklist
    • Shooting in Manual Checklist
    • Shooting in Manual Checklist PDF
  • 7
    Closing to Shooting in Manual
    • Conclusion: Review & Wrap Up

Your Instructor

  • Christine Lee Smith

    Photographer & Spiritual Director

    Christine Lee Smith

    Trained in journalism at the undergraduate level, I've worked in the photography industry for over ten years - developing my classic, intimate, and emotional style. In 2006, I opened my own wedding and portrait studio, and began teaching photography in 2007, specializing in communicating complex or technical information in relatable terms. As a professional photographer I tend to see “between the lines,” to feel the truth underneath the surface, and to hold moments of tension while discovering their beauty. Working through my life’s story, I’ve come to appreciate the metaphor photography reveals about life and the rich ways God works through our pain (the moments of tension) to reveal his beauty and love to us in their midst. I completed my training as a spiritual direction in 2013 and began helping people integrate their spiritual journey through artistic imagery. I find myself using Ignation imaginative prayer and visualization, Visio Divina, and metaphors regularly in spiritual direction. I enjoy working with adults who desire to connect deeply with God through their lives and in their circumstances, and who are open to exploring the rough edges of beauty on their journey with Jesus. View my photography portfolio here.

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Photography is a great way to express our creativity, but it's easy to get overwhelmed by the settings, and numbers. Let me unpack it for you in an easy to understand, online format.

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